Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#NYPD Get Ready to Kiss Scott Stringer's Arse He Want to be King Mayor and he is an Idiot Puppet for Rich Player

 #NYPD Get Ready to Kiss Scott Stringer's Arse He Want to be King Mayor and he is an Idiot Puppet for Rich Players a Sell-out

New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer dumped two cops from his NYPD security detail because they were late picking him up in the morning and then didn’t notice him and left an event that night and walked back home, the Post reports: http://goo.gl/lNgC9Y

Scott Stringer can't take the subway to know why?

It hurts his ego too much!!!!!

He admits he's not qualified to be New York City government comptroller he can't even do his own taxes guess what he's even more than qualified to be mayor and not only that he wants to be king mayor of New York like Mike Bloomberg.    Problem is he can't even earn money in the private sector and in the public sector he has figured out how to be treated like royalty even though he's not qualified except for being a sellout.

Scott Stinger has such low self esteem - he knows he can't make in the private sector and live the life he lives off of tax payer money so he NEEDS NYPD bodyguards to protect his fragile ego.

Scott  Stringer removed John Liu's press release calling for a criminal investigation in to 911 as soon as he got in to office as comptroller a job even he admits he is not qualified for and put up faux photos of himself and People of Color like the comptroller website is a JCrew Website!

Ask Bloomberg, HP and George Arzt why????




John Liu's Press Release Calling for A Criminal Investigation on 911 ECTP Removed by Scott Stringer Posted on Scribd by QueensCrap


Everyone who called for HP to be terminated is not longer working for NYC Gov and I was a victim of savage violence and threatened by the NYPD and I have audio that sounds like an ADA threatening me -- the goal to shut me and silence me?

Mr. Arzt’s was paid for representation of Hewlett-Packard in 2007 and 2008, around the time or immediately after the city’s Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications “recommended rebidding the main contract for system integration services with” Hewlett-Packard, a recommendation which “was not followed,” according to a 2014 report about ECTP issued by the city’s new Comptroller, Scott Stringer.  According to online city lobbying records, Mr. Arzt was paid by Hewlett-Packard to lobby former Deputy Mayor Ed Sklyer, the Bloomberg administration official who vocally defended the ECTP cost overruns.

I write about 911 Tech corruption and the original contractor IXP who I believe was honorable and was creatively booted off so HP could be placed in charge but than IXP was allowed to come back as a sub-contractor since HP had no 911 tech experience.

The key HP figure who I allege was over billing is already back with a new contract reaping another company and DOITT knows it!!!!!

Scott Stringer could have gotten us protective zoning for a HOSPITAL but pushed thru Rudin luxury condos so thank him and 50 city council members -- some who's names would shock you.... SELL OUTS  -- now we have no Trauma Level 1 hospital with AIDS CARE and a Rape Crisis Center in West Village.  Can a luxury condo handle a gun shut wound or a rape victim?  Scott Stringer and gang no feminists.

Scott Stringer helped push through Columbia U's eminent domain abuse and Stringer is a Bloomberg puppet.

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